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Government Is Good


EXCERPT (with edits): We like to see ourselves as rugged individualists, leading our lives without any help from anyone, especially government. But this is an illusion. We are constantly benefiting from a variety of government laws and programs. Federal, state, and local government employees are literally working around the clock to make our lives better in innumerable ways...

How do you know the lettuce in your sandwich is not laced with unhealthy doses of pesticides? Because the Department of Agriculture has developed and is enforcing uniform standards for pesticide residue on raw foods...

You take your family out for dinner at a local pizza restaurant and no one gets sick from E. coli or other food-borne illnesses...Your local government conducts regular inspections of all food establishments to protect the health of customers...

Every day, on your behalf, the National Weather Service takes in 190,000 weather observations from surface stations, 2,700 from ships, 115,000 from aircraft, 18,000 from buoys, 250,000 from balloons, and 140 million from satellites – information that is analyzed to keep all Americans prepared and safe...

You pump 15 gallons of 87 octane gas into your car and pay for it. But how do you know that you really got 15 gallons, and that the gas was actually 87 octane? This is only ensured by a worker from your city’s Division of Weights and Measures who has inspected the pump and the gas.

Social Security


Social Security Video

Social Security is a lifeline: In 1935, after bank failures and a stock market crash had wiped out the savings of millions of Americans, the nation turned to Washington to guarantee the elderly a decent income. In those days, only a handful of workers had access to pensions from their employers or through State governmental pension programs. Over half of America 's elderly lacked sufficient income to be self-supporting. The Social Security Act was enacted at the urging of President Franklin D. Roosevelt to create a social insurance program that would ensure workers would have a source of income after they retired. The Social Security program is paid for by citizen contribution, and HAS NEVER ADDED TO THE NATIONAL DEBT.

American Progress

American Progress


Massachusetts Bar Association


We have all become accustomed to budget belt-tightening. Economic constraints are also challenging the court systems across the country. Providing justice to all is threatened when the court system is limited by reduced hours, reduced human resources, and more. Limited court funding can lead to limited access to justice. Stalling court decisions stalls the forward momentum in the business world. It also affects personal issues of divorce, bankruptcy, civil cases, etc. At the Ohio State Bar Association meeting this past May, Chief Justice O'Conner said "Open and accessible courts are not a luxury, they are an absolute necessity in a free and civilized society.”
(FROM: http://article.wn.com/view/2012/07/22/Judiciary_and_crisis_Charting_the_right_course/)

Pipeline Accidents

List of Pipeline Accidents in the USA

EXCERPT: 2010 On Thursday, September 9, a high pressure gas pipeline exploded in San Bruno, CA, a suburb of San Francisco. Eight people died and many were injured. The blast destroyed 38 homes and damaged 120 homes. Ten acres also burned. Later, PG&E was unable to supply the California Public Utilities Commission with documents on how PG&E established pressure limits on some of its gas transmission pipelines. It was also revealed that this pipeline had 26 leaks between Milpitas and San Francisco during the time of 1951 to 2009, with some of the leak causes listed in records as "unknown". Later hydrostatic testing of the same pipeline that failed found a pinhole leak, and a previously damaged section blew out.
(SEE Video: The Anniversary)